Anne Louise MacDonald

Canadian author. She was born in Nova Scotia and loved horses from an early age. A shy child, she was always happier amongst animals than people and also in the world of books.

As an adult she worked in a number of jobs including vet's assistant, dog trainer, dog groomer and commercial artist. Her first successes as an author came with picture books. Her first full length novel was a children's horse story called
The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green. Another children's novel, partly horse themed, and a non-fictional horse book soon followed. She is currently working on another pony book.

She now lives on her own horse farm in Canada, and also teaches people how to care for horses more naturally.

The author has a comprehensive website in which you can find lots more about her life and works.

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in paperback by Kids Can Press.
Reprinted by Stabenfeldt/Pony in hardback in 2005
Still in print.
EDITIONS PICTURED: Kids Can Press paperback, Stabenfeldt hardback
SUMMARY: Fairly dark young adult horse story/mystery. Kim sees a beautiful black horse out of the school bus window. But when she tries to find it, it does not seem to exist. The local children talk of ghosts and hint that Kim's house is haunted and that something terrible happened there. Kim is then drawn into a world of dark secrets within her own family.
Read the first chapter here

Reprinted in paperback and still in print.
SUMMARY: Not sure how much of a horse story this is, although it does have some horse content according to the blurb. Frankie seems like a perfectly normal average boy. Then he starts having strange dreams in which he can see the future. Things get worse when he dreams that his best friend Tim is killed falling from a horse…
Read the first chapter here

Collector's Info:
Both books are still in print and can be bought new in both the UK and USA. Second hand copies are also easy to find, although the Stabenfeldt edition of The Ghost Horse of Green Meadow is a bit harder to find than the Kids Can Press editions.